Administration Office Staff News
Administration Office Staff
Wade Vandover, PT, CEO Roman Taffe, CAO
 Darilyn Buer, Administrative Assistant
 to CEO/Active BoardRoman Taffe, CAO
Angie Ackerman, Administrator
Angela Meyer, CGO  Steve Weber, Telecommunications Specialist
Hillary Henrich, CCO Lynn Simon, PT, DPT, ATC
Manager of Professional Development
  Amy Davis, Clinic Support Manager


Jolene Wilke, Accounting Supervisor
 Nancy Whitney, Accounting/Finance Associate
 Katie Pinkert, Accounting Assistant
 Lindzee Schell, Accounting Assistant
 Amber Sorenson, Accounting Assistant


Tina Myers, Billing Manager
 Krista Johnson, Billing Assistant
 Karen Koch, Billing Assistant
 Robin Tietjen, Billing Assistant
 Savannah Hughes, Billing Assistant
 Lisa Simonton, Administrative Assistant


Tiffany Storm, Payroll Coordinator
 Amanda Walters, Operations Assistant
 Carrie Wohlleber, Operations Assistant
 Lauren Berndt, Operations Assistant
 Stacey Sather, Operations Assistant


Human Resources
Kristi Ehrenberg, Human Resource Manager  Tierra Hansen, Recruitment Coordinator
 Susan Stensrud, Human Resource Coordinator  Andrew Treinen, Recruitment Coordinator
 Dani McLain, Human Resource Coordinator
 Mary Hepper, Human Resource Assistant
Long Term Care
Trudy Staples, PTA, Long Term Care & Home Health Specialist


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