Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) News
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

The WorkWell FCE is a standardized assessment used to evaluate injured employees who have reached maximum medical improvement, but are not able to return to their regular jobs. An FCE tests a worker’s ability to safely perform a variety of work-related tasks, such as lifting and carrying, hand coordination, tolerance for a variety of postures and repetitive activities, walking, climbing, and much more.


The results of the FCE are summarized in a clear, concise report.

The report includes information about:    
• Cooperation and Effort
• Consistency of Performance
• Pain Report
• Safety
• Quality of Movement
• Abilities/Strengths
• Limitations
• Potential Barriers to Return to Work
• Physical Return to Work Options
• Recommendations Regarding Return to Work
• Summary and Recommendations


The information may be used in a variety of ways:

• To determine a worker’s ability to perform his/her pre-injury job.
• To determine how the worker’s job can be modified to allow him/her to return to work.
• To determine a worker’s ability to perform other jobs for the same employer.
• To determine a worker’s general work related abilities so a job search can be initiated.
• To help physicians to determine a worker’s disability rating.

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