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We understand that sports play an important part in the lives of many people that we serve. For some, it’s recreation. For others, it’s serious competition. In every case, the athletes that we see want to return to their sports as quickly and safely as possible. Thats why our therapists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries sustained in sports or exercise.  The AIM of rehabilitation in sports it to facilitate the safe return of the athlete in training and competition at as high of a standard and as quickly as the specific priorities of the athlete determine.

Big Stone Therapies’ therapists understand athletes because we’re actively involved in the regions athletic community. We use what we know to provide each athlete with a comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment program. We offer free sports screenings, conduct preventative sports clinics and provide guest lecturers for athletic groups.

Big Stone Therapies offers services tailored specifically for the athlete:

  • Immediate Post-Injury Screening
  • Comprehensive Evaluation, looking at the entire body for contributing factors
  • Education on probable cause of the injury to prevent future re-occurances
  • Sport-Specific Treatment plans: implemented one to one with our knowledgable staff
  • Safe and Accelerated Return to Participation
  • Sports Performance Enhancment through FMS
  • On-Field coverage for Area High Schools
  • Concussion Rehabilitation and Impact Testing
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