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Aquatic therapy is a great, low impact way to deliver impressive results. A wide range of the people we help realize significant benefits, particularly those suffering with arthritis or recovering from surgery or injury.

Water provides support that significantly decreases stress on weight bearing joints, muscles and bones. This allows patients to enjoy a greater range of motion, flexibility and endurance with less pain. Treatments can progress more quickly, allowing patients to experience faster improvement.  Patients have the option to continue an independent water exercise program after therapy.


Aquatic Therapy Benefits:

  • Decreased Stress on Joints
  • Reduced Pain
  • Increased Strength, Flexibility and Edurance

Your primary therapist or physician may recommend aquatic therapy to help with your healing process and improve range of motion, strength and endurance.

Water exercise minimizes joint compression throughout your low back, knees, and various other joints. The water also helps to decrease swelling, thereby relieving pain. The buoyancy of the water makes exercises feel easier than when performed on land. In reality, you are working the same muscle groups, but with less force. The resistance of the water also facilitates added challenges for strengthening and balance purposes.

Marshall:   Home of the Hydroworx 1000 Rehabiliation Pool
1420 E. College Dr.
Marshall, MN 56258

Morris:  BST offers individual aquatic Therapy in conjunction with local fitness centers
Regional Fitness Center
626 E. 2nd St
Morris, MN 56267

Milbank:  BST offers individual aquatic Therapy in conjunction with local fitness centers
Unity Square
904 E. 4th Ave
Milbank, SD 57252

You will need a towel, swimming suit or shorts and a T-shirt.  If you have diabetes or problems with sensation in your feet, we recommend water shoes, which can be purchased at Target, Kmart or Walmart.  If you will be meeting your therapist at the local fitness center, Bring a lock for a locker or you can bring your clothes into the pool area and place them on the bench.

Please shower in the locker room or poolside prior to entering pool.  Therapy will last about 40 minutes with one-on-one supervision. Most exercises are performed in waist to chest deep water.

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