Swing Bed Rehabilitation Services News
Swing Bed Rehabilitation Services

Big Stone Therapies offers skilled Swing Bed services to patients in need of short-term rehabilitation therapies following a hospital stay after an illness or surgery. Swing bed services are offered in conjunction with nursing care when the patient is well enough to leave a regular hospital/acute care room, but not well enough to return home.

Following a physician’s referral to a Swing Bed room, our therapists will evaluate the patient and determine a plan of care. Swing bed rehabilitation services may include physical therapy to regain muscle strength and range of motion to return to walking safely; occupational therapy to assist in performing activities of daily living, and speech therapy to help patients with cognition, speech, language, and communication skills. The goal for Swing Bed patients is to return home safely after achieving the highest level of independent function possible.

Patients recommended for Swing Bed services will discuss Medicare coverage and private insurance coverage with their care team prior to admittance. In most cases, Swing Bed services are covered.

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