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Wellness Programs

Big Stone Therapies offers Wellness Programs for current and former patients as well as members of the community. Our Wellness Programs are individually designed to help people improve and/or maintain their health and quality of life through exercise and sound nutrition principles. Let us develop a wellness program for you that will help you reach your individual health goals and regain control of your life!

We offer several options to begin your journey to optimal wellness. Our therapists can create an individualized Fitness Program for anyone who would like to begin a safe and effective exercise program. We’ll take into consideration your medical history and physical capabilities to tailor a program for you that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility components.

Part of your individualized Fitness Program may include a Functional Movement Screen a series of screens that analyzes seven fundamental movement patterns. After completing the movement patterns, a score is determined based on how well each movement is performed. Then, an individualized corrective exercise program will be recommended for you based on your screen results. 

Finally, an exciting new comprehensive weight loss program is now available at Big Stone Therapies clinics! Excess weight is the root of many health issues. You’ll learn the keys to losing those excess pounds through our new Take Shape For Life program. The program incorporates three important components – support, meal plans, and healthy habits – to create the foundation needed for fast, safe, and effective weight loss. To learn more about this program, call our clinic today or click here  for more information.

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