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The fact that no two patients are alike is important to us. Our understanding of individual patient needs makes it easy for us to understand the therapeutic needs that are unique to women. womens
Big Stone Therapies programs are designed and managed by experts who care for women as they experience the joys and challenges associated with various stages of life. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause change the way a woman’s body works – and the kinds of treatments that will be most effective.
Each patient enjoys the confidence of one therapist from start to finish. To make each life better, we pay attention to both physical needs and lifestyle factors that are a part of each patient’s reality. This allows us to develop treatment plans that will be effective and efficient for each individual life that we touch.

 We make life better for patients with a wide range of conditions:

  • Urinary urgency or fecal incontinence
  • Pain in the pelvis, groin, tailbone, bladder, vagina or rectum
  • Physical problems associated with menstruation and intercourse
  • Pain management during labor/delivery
  • Pelvic floor exercise instruction (Kegels) with biofeedback
  • Biofeedback training for muscle relaxation
  • Electrical stimulation to strengthen pelvic muscles and reduce pain
  • Exercises for the abdomen, core, hips, back and pelvic floor
  • Massage therapy techniques for muscle spasms, pelvic and vaginal scars
  • Osteoporosis management and prevention
  • Wellness programs and weight loss
  • Post-mastectomy management for shoulder ROM, pain and lymphedema
  • Pedatric incontinence or bed wetting

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