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What our patients say about Big Stone Therapies

I would definitely recommend Big Stone Therapies to other people.
I think the people are friendly and wonderful to work with.~Brittany
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The personalities of the therapists and the personalities of the people here make you feel at home.
I would recommend my family to come to Big Stone Therapies.~Phil
How personal the experience is sticks out the most. The goals and “recovery plan”
is made up by you and is personal. If you aren’t progressing “to the standards” it doesn’t matter.
The staff will work with you. Thanks Tammy!!~Gwen


What students say about interning with Big Stone Therapies

Just wanted to let you know that compared to what my classmates have told me about their clinicals, BST is way ahead of most other clinics. After completing my clinical I feel like I’m much better prepared for writing goals that include a functional outcome. We also learned about the neck disability index today in class and how it’s great for writing functional goals. My professors are stressing how it’s important to create exercise programs that are functional and simulate their work (which BST does a lot of). Going with Kelly for a couple days was also very helpful! I would recommend sending all students with her for at least one day! We were given an ergonomics assignment where we’re expected to evaluate a workstation. I feel like I’ve got a good understanding of this after following Kelly. It’s only the first day of class, but everything from my clinical is already starting to fall into place and make more sense. Thank you again for making my clinical this summer a great learning opportunity for me! I’ll stop in and say hi if I’m ever back during the work week.~PT Student – 2010 male2 

 What our employees say about working for Big Stone Therapies

When I started with BST, I had been working as a traveling therapist in a lot of bigger cities of the US. We were expecting our first child, and wanted to settle close to both sets of grandparents. My first position with BST was as a traveling therapist. When my rotation was over, we were interested in staying, but couldn’t imagine the two year commitment they wanted at that time. We decided to stay with BST for two years and then see what else the world had to offer. Needless to say, as of July 1st I will have been with BST for nine years!!!! BST has always been more than fair and an absolute pleasure to work for. They have taken wonderful care of me and my family.

~John Lightfield, PT, Clinic Manager

John Lightfield, PT.CM


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