Employee News
Core Values – We live and work at Big Stone Therapies following our core values
-Faith – Pray a little Daily
-Family – Love, Firstly and Lastly
-Fun – Work Hard, with a Big Smile
-Fairness – Act Kindly, Honestly and with Integrity


Professional Development
Big Stone Therapies believes part of being a professional is a commitment to continued study or “lifelong learning.”  Each therapist has unique objectives related to their particular scope of practice and practice setting.  Therefore,  BST assists employees individually in designing their Professional Development Program.   Learning not only occurs through work, but courses/seminars, advanced degrees, certifications, residencies and fellowships, all of which are offered to employees.  The company recently demonstrated their strong commitment to Professional Development by becoming network partners with Evidence In Motion,  the industries largest provider of post-professional educational programs. For more information on EIM, go to www.evidenceinmotion.com.



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